Understanding the timeline of an outdoor hardscape project can help alleviate any misunderstandings on the expectations of your project. Take a look below at our general project outline to keep your project moving along.

Creating your budget & finding a professional

Knowing what you want to spend on your project is important. Start to do some research on how much a renovation or new build of an outdoor area or driveway costs. After you have your budget, find a professional that is right for your project.

Choosing your materials

Research different types of hardscapes including porcelain pavers, travertine, natural stone, granite, and marble before deciding on what material you will use. At Hardscape.com, we offer 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm Porcelain Pavers that are superior to most natural stone products.

Design your project

Designing your outdoor space will be the most exciting part of your project. Plan for the future and download our Project Planning Guide before getting started. Talk to your contractor about city rules, limits and proper drainage before starting the project.

Contract negotiation & apply for financing

Once you have chosen a professional, make sure to read and understand your contract. Ask questions about payment terms, insurance coverage, and what happens if there are delays in the project. If you need financing, some contractor companies offer in-house financing so ask before heading to a bank.

Permit submission & approval

Most municipalities and towns require permits for projects like driveway renovation, outdoor patio, and pool decks. Ask your contractor or look at your local municipality's website. Typically, your contractor will submit the permit with drawings on your behalf and have it approved before starting the project.

Delivery of Materials

When your materials are delivered check to see there is no damage to any of the products. If there is, make note of it and talk to your contractor about it.

The contractor starts the project base and prepares the area

This is the most exciting part of your project! You will begin to see the shape of the installation area. If you are not satisfied with the size or shape, this is the time to talk with your contractor.

Inspection of the base layer

Contractor lays driveway, patio or deck porcelain pavers after inspection approval

After the base layer is approved, your contractor will begin to lay the porcelain pavers. This will be the most labor-intensive and timely part of your project.

Contractor Scheduled Walk Through

Make sure to schedule a walk through with your contractor prior to their completion in order to assure all has been completed to your expectations and to avoid having to wait to remobilize a crew to address any pending concerns.

Final inspection

During the final inspection, the inspector will ensure that the project is done to the scope of the submitted drawings.

Permit close upon approval

After the final inspection of your outdoor hardscape project, your municipality will close out the permit and confirm there are no liens against the permit.