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3 Backyard Hardscaping Ideas That Take Your Space To The Next Level

The kids may be already back to school, but that doesn’t mean Summer is over! What better way to enjoy your space than in your backyard with family and friends? Your backyard is a great space for hosting and entertaining guests, however, it’s easy for it to fall to the wayside, especially when trying to update your home’s interior. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities for you to upgrade your backyard.

Hardscaping your backyard is a great way to add a new dimension to your space and really elevate it to the next level. By adding both a level of utility and sophistication, you can transform your entire backyard into a brand new living space for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy time and time again. Don’t know where to start? Then you may want to consider these highly-popular hardscaping options.

Contemporary Paver/Grass Combinations 

Seen largely in both backyards and driveways, the contemporary paver/grass combination adds a truly modern style to your backyard's space. The lush greens of your grass will pop against the color of your porcelain pavers. This concept really elevates the overall space with an aesthetically pleasing layout that doubles as a sleek walkway. There’s a multitude of patterns and possibilities available when using the contemporary paver/grass combination, from checkboxes and offsetting pavers. 

Large-Sized Pavers

While traditional-sized pavers have been the go-to options for backyards, they often constrict and shrink the overall space visually. Large backyard porcelain pavers create the illusion of much more space, creating an inviting environment for everyone to enjoy. Fewer grout lines make for less visual divide, and thus the floor looks less broken up overall and in turn much larger than it actually is. We recommend running them horizontally against the shortest width of the space you plan on tiling to maximize their effect and style. 

Wood-Paneled Patio/Lanai

While traditional wood paneling runs the risk of suffering from rotting and other damage caused by the elements, you’re able to enjoy the look and feel of wood panels for your patio or lanai with porcelain paver wood panels! Styled to mirror the texture and color of actual wood paneling our 3CM Cadore Frassino & Carore Rovere are able to create a gorgeous, realistic wood look patio or lanai with modern technology designed to withstand even the worst storms. Unlike wood, porcelain paver wood panels are very easy to maintain and clean, ensuring they’ll last for decades to come. 

However, if you choose to upgrade your space, make sure to count on for your porcelain paver needs! We’re proud to offer the widest selection of porcelain paver hardscaping materials to transform your space. Offering a myriad of benefits over other materials, you can count on the functionality and beauty of our porcelain pavers time and time again. Discover our porcelain pavers here.