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Benefits Of Porcelain Pavers Over Concrete Pavers

If you’ve been looking at pavers for your home, you’ve probably narrowed your material options down to porcelain pavers and concrete pavers. While both common and highly sought after options, porcelain pavers come out on top every single time. Whether installing them in your patio, driveway, pool deck, or elsewhere, you’ll find that you can’t go wrong with porcelain pavers each and every time. Discover the advantages of porcelain pavers over concrete pavers with our guide below.

Porcelain Paver Benefits

Stunning Look 

While concrete pavers certainly provide your home with a very modern and sleek look, there’s no denying that porcelain pavers are aesthetically superior to concrete pavers. Porcelain offers a wide variety of styles and options thanks to the highly adaptable material. Whether you’re looking for a wood-like finish or any type of natural stone, it can be done with porcelain. Porcelain pavers are also capable of achieving much richer and deeper colors versus concrete, creating a truly upscale finished product.

Moisture and Stain Resistance

Porcelain is very dense and nearly non-permeable, meaning rain, humidity, pool water, and other moisture sources can’t penetrate it. This keeps your pavers from expanding and breaking apart much earlier than expected. When having pavers installed in your Florida home, you need something that can withstand the heavy rains that fall all year long. Porcelain is the perfect option.

Not only are porcelain pavers moisture resistant, they’re stain resistant as well! Concrete is highly porous, meaning one spill from your drink or grease from a grill will leave your pavers ruined forever. Once again thanks to its dense composition, porcelain pavers can be easily cleaned up, removing any evidence that there was ever a spill to begin with. High traffic areas such as your driveway are the perfect environment for porcelain pavers, as oil and other liquids from vehicles can ruin concrete pavers overnight. 


One of the key benefits of porcelain pavers is their longevity over concrete and other materials. While it’s true that porcelain pavers cost more than concrete pavers, it’s a case of getting what you pay for. Porcelain pavers are incredibly durable, meaning they’ll last you decades before you ever need to consider replacing them. Concrete pavers, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Concrete pavers are known to fade as the color pigments used are worn down. As time wears on, your concrete pavers will erode, become weak, and break. This leads to costly repairs, reinstallation, and repairs. While you may pay more upfront for your porcelain pavers, you’ll have a finished product that will last you a lifetime, requiring little to no maintenance. 

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