5CM Porcelain Pavers Coping

5CM Porcelain Pavers Coping - Pietra Lavica Sand

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5CM 8" x 16" Pietra Lavica Sand Porcelain Pavers Coping is ready to be installed no finishing is needed, making the installation process much faster. Exceptional thicknesses of 2" inches, able to respond to stresses up until now unimaginable for the ceramic surfaces. With remarkably high durability, our 5CM coping porcelain pavers are designed to easily handle low and high-traffic areas, supporting significant weight without fail. Perfect for pool decks and steps with its sleek, modern design and rich pattern & colorway, the 5CM Pietra Lavica Sand porcelain paver exudes class, ensuring unmatched elegance the moment it’s installed.

Stunning Porcelain Pavers 

Hardscape.com's 5CM Pietra Lavica Sand porcelain paver coping will provide exterior hardscaping solutions that are as authentic and stunning in appearance as they come without compromising on quality or durability. Enjoy high-quality pavers without overpaying for scarce natural stone or settling for sub-par materials like concrete.

The 5cm Pietra Lavica Sand Coping porcelain paver offers a luxurious feel with its sleek, modern design. The lustrous pattern effortlessly flows through each tile and has an incredible surface texture that matches true natural stone for ease of installation anywhere you choose to lay it down! With a clean stunning beige colorway that washes throughout, you’re sure to blow everyone away. 

Forged under a 1,200-1,400 degree kiln-fire, our 5CM Coping Pietra Lavica Sand porcelain pavers are incredibly dense, ensuring a very high breaking weight for decades on end. In addition, all Hardscape.com porcelain pavers are fade-resistant, slip-resistant, frost-resistant, and moisture-resistant. All these resistances work together to provide you with a hardscaping product you’ll never have to worry about. Requiring little to no maintenance to ensure its strength and beauty, you’ll find yourself glad you decided on the 5CM Pietra Lavica Sand coping porcelain paver for your project. 

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Colors Brown, White, Beige
Shape & Size 8" x 16"
Thickness 2"