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Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand

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The Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand is designed to meet the needs of Contractors who are looking for easy-to-activate sand for all types of pavers.

Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand available in White, Beige, Grey, Dark Grey, and Black. Once Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the porcelain tile joints while still retaining flexibility and providing a long-lasting, durable jointing material. Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand is recommended for pedestrian and vehicular applications.

Our polymeric sand works with Porcelain Pavers, Natural Stones, Concrete Pavers, Flagstones, and more.

Benefits of our Polymeric Sand

Wide Joint Compatibility: Our polymeric sand can be used for joint widths ranging from 1/8" up to 4", accommodating various project requirements and ensuring optimal stability and performance.

Suitable for Multiple Paver Types: Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand is compatible with a variety of paver materials, including porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, and natural stones. This versatility allows you to achieve a consistent and professional finish, regardless of the chosen paver type.

Exceptional Stability: Our polymeric sand is formulated to create a strong bond between pavers, ensuring long-lasting stability and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Resistant to Weather Conditions: Our sand is resilient against harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain and freezing temperatures, keeping your pavers intact and looking great throughout the year.

Weed and Insect Prevention: The unique composition of Hardscape.com Polymeric Sand effectively inhibits weed growth and deters insects, maintaining the pristine appearance of your paver surfaces.

Easy Application: The installation process is straightforward, allowing for a quick and efficient application that will save you time and labor costs.



COD: PS1002
Category: Accessories


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Bag/Plt 63
Pallet (inch) W42 x L42 x H41
Lb/Plt 3,200
Lb/Bag 50


Minimum installation temperature  0° Celsius (32° F)
Density  1.8 Kg/I (106 lb/pi3)
Granulometry  ASTM C-144 and CSA 179
Final setting time  220 (min)
Compressive strength (28J)  5.4 MPa (783 psi)
Grip (28J)  0.7 MPa (100 psi)


A 50 lbs (22.7 kg) bag of HARDSCAPESAND polymeric sand can cover approximately between 18 and 127 square feet (1.7 and 11.8 m2) of pavers depending on the shape width of the joints and thickness of the pavers used.


  • For paver joints from 1/8" to 4 inches
  • Works above 32F (0C)
  • Helps prevent weeds and damage caused by burrowing insects
  • Helps prevent erosion due to wind, rain, and freeze-thaw cycles
  • Pure, natural colors are sourced from natural sand, quartz, and granite. No dyes or pigments means no fading.
  • Will not change the original aspect of your stone or pavers
  • Ideal for pedestrian or high vehicular traffic applications
  • Works for flat or sloped surface installations-stays in joints with minimal wash-out  
  • Formulated specifically to resist temperature variations freeze/thaw cycles (superior to cement or mortar products)
  • Resistant to ice melters, rock salt, and acids cleaners
  • Fast setting and drying time
  • Helps prevent weed growth and ant hills
Colors Grey, Black, White, Beige, Dark Grey