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Why Are Porcelain Pavers So Durable?

How Are Porcelain Pavers So Durable?

If you’re going through the process of upgrading the tile of your home’s exterior space, you’ve likely researched several different options. From traditional concrete to brick to even natural stone pavers, you’ve done your due diligence and have arrived at porcelain pavers for your home!

Porcelain pavers offer homeowners a variety of benefits not seen in other paving options. With resistances to staining, moisture, frost, and much more, they’re the ideal solution for exterior residential applications. However, one of the key benefits of installing porcelain pavers in your home is their sheer durability. 

Here at, our porcelain pavers were designed to withstand heavy foot traffic for decades to come. 

How Porcelain Pavers Are Made

Porcelain pavers are made from a type of ceramic called porcelain. This material is created by firing clay at high temperatures well above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process makes the clay stronger and more durable. Special additives are included in the construction to ensure each paver’s durability, as well as ensure various other benefits. Once the porcelain has been fired, it is then cut into thin sheets that can be used to create pavers. 

All of our porcelain pavers are able to be shaped and molded into any natural stone or wood look, so no matter what your aesthetic may be, you’ll find it here with

Why Porcelain Pavers Are So Durable

Porcelain pavers are incredibly strong and durable because of the way they’re made. The high firing temperature creates a strong bond between the molecules in the clay, which makes the pavers less likely to break or chip. 

Additionally, porcelain is non-porous, which means that it won’t absorb water or stains—making it an ideal material for outdoor use. Porcelain pavers have a low water absorption rate, which means they won’t crack or warp in freezing temperatures. This gives way to numerous applications, from your pool deck to the entire patio space, to your driveway and more. If you’re looking to upgrade and elevate your home’s exterior, look no further than’s durable porcelain pavers.

If you’re looking for a strong and durable paver for your next project, then you should definitely consider using porcelain pavers. These pavers are made from a type of ceramic called porcelain, which is fired at high temperatures to create a strong bond between the molecules in the clay. Additionally, porcelain is non-porous and has a low water absorption rate, which makes it an ideal material for outdoor use. So if you want a paver that will stand the test of time, go with porcelain pavers presented by!