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Do Porcelain Pavers Work Well In The Winter?

Winter weather can be tough on outdoor spaces. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios all take a beating from the cold, the snow, sleet, and the ice. Greenery dies away till the spring, and the moisture is sure to impact your tile. Traditional paver materials such as concrete often succumb to cracking and shattering—but what does that mean for porcelain pavers? Do they crack under the pressure? Do they freeze solid? 

Porcelain Pavers Were Built With All Weather Conditions In Mind

Porcelain pavers are made from a type of ceramic that is extremely strong and durable. In fact, porcelain is actually harder than granite! That makes it an ideal material for use in high-traffic areas like decks, pool areas, and patios. But what about winter weather? 

Porcelain pavers are designed to withstand freezing temperatures. They will not crack or chip if they freeze solid. Their density proves impossible for moisture to seep through and cause any internal damage. In addition, due to their construction and composition, they offer significantly improved grip over other hardscaping materials. Thus, you’ll never have to worry about slipping and sliding when stepping outside. 

Porcelain pavers are also very low-maintenance. They don't require sealing or resurfacing and they're very easy to clean. Just sweep them off or hose them down as needed. In comparison, concrete and stone pavers need to be sealed every few years and can be difficult to clean if they become stained. 

Porcelain pavers are an excellent choice for Patios, driveways, sidewalks, and any other outdoor space where they will be exposed to winter weather. They are strong and durable, won't crack or chip if they freeze solid, and are very low maintenance. Just be sure to take precautions against slipping when using them in areas that may be icy and you'll enjoy many years of trouble-free use.

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