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10 Porcelain Paver Options For Your Pool Deck Renovation

Decided on updating your pool deck? Great! A stunning pool deck adds tremendous appeal to your home overall, completely transforming your outdoor space. You’ve likely looked for the right paving material to lay for your pool deck, with no luck. Thankfully, you don’t have to keep searching endlessly, thanks to our impressive collection of stunning pool deck porcelain paver options we have available. With so many to offer, we know it can be difficult trying to narrow down which one is right for your home. The team has narrowed down 10 porcelain paver options we recommend for your home. 

2CM Coralina Ivory Porcelain Pavers

Offering beige and ivory tones with subtle yet rich dark veins, our Coralina Ivory porcelain pavers are a great choice for your pool deck renovation. Its bright nature lightens up your entire pool deck space, highlighting your pool and providing the illusion of a larger space than you may actually have. This is a great option that adds an element of sophistication not found in natural stone and concrete pavers. 

Learn more about our 2CM Coralina Ivory porcelain pavers here

2CM French Limestone Porcelain Pavers

Our 2CM French Limestone pavers harness the beauty, grace, and elegance of the very same limestone used in great projects across history. Its tumbled appearance makes our pavers appear ancient, carved from the same limestone used throughout the Pyramids of Giza. Its distinct texture offers impressive grip, making it ideal for pool decks. 

Learn more about our 2CM French Limestone porcelain pavers here. 

2CM Quartz Bianco Porcelain Pavers

With its brilliant white appearance and light veins that run throughout each tile, the quartz limestone porcelain pavers lighten your entire home. Its contrast against the deep blues of your pool is sure to blow away your neighbors. In addition, due to its light coloration, you’ll never have to worry about your Quartz Bianco porcelain pavers being incredibly hot, as our lighter color pavers reflect more heat than dark colored pool deck pavers. 

In addition, due to its stunning patterns, the Quartz Bianco porcelain paver can be arranged in a variety of patterns, offering a distinct uniqueness to your pool deck. 

Learn more about our 2CM Quartz Bianco porcelain pavers here. 

2CM Quartz Gold Porcelain Pavers

Akin to our Quartz Bianco porcelain pavers, our Quartz Gold offers homeowners brilliant shades of yellow and gold that truly shine against the backdrop of your home. Our 2CM Quartz Gold porcelain pavers feature traditional quartz veins of black, white, and gray that run throughout each paver. If you’ve been searching for a gorgeous pool deck paver to upgrade your space, look no further than our 2cm Quartz Gold porcelain pavers.

Learn more about our 2CM Quartz Gold porcelain pavers here.

2CM Calacatta Porcelain Pavers

Our 2CM Calacatta porcelain pavers provide your pool deck with the appeal of traditional marble, featuring classic black and light brown veins that run asymmetrically throughout each paver against that pearly white background. Offered in a 24”x24” configuration, the Calacatta porcelain pavers are perfect for homeowners and business owners eager for a contemporary paving solution. 

Learn more about our 2CM Calacatta porcelain pavers here.

2CM Da Vinci Porcelain Pavers

A truly unique paving option for homeowners and business owners alike, the 2CM Da Vinci porcelain pavers offers grays, browns, yellows, and golds, with veins of cream and white that course throughout. Our Da Vinci pavers offer the appeal of natural stone sourced straight from the Earth, as no two pavers are the same. It contrasts effortlessly against the blues of your pool, the greens of your lawn, and the whites of your home. Seeking a natural paving solution? You’ve found it in our Da Vinci porcelain paver. 

Learn more about our 2cm Da Vinci porcelain pavers here.

2CM Roma Travertine Porcelain Pavers

Based on the same travertine the Romans once sourced from Mt. Vesuvius, our 2CM Roma Travertine porcelain pavers offer the same design benefits of natural travertine without the same sourcing costs. Its stunning veins run in wave-like patterns with grays, golds, creams, and beiges throughout each paver. If you’re looking for a natural stone paver that provides a luxurious yet inviting appeal to your pool deck, look no further than’s Roma Travertine.

Learn more about our 2CM Roma Travertine porcelain pavers here.

3CM Cadore Rovere Plank Porcelain Pavers

3CM Cadore Rovere plank porcelain pavers

The 3CM Cadore Rovere plank porcelain pavers offer the appeal of wood panels for your pool deck, with all the benefits of porcelain. With the same pattern and texture you’d find with traditional wood panels, our Cadore Rovere plank porcelain pavers combine the appeal of a traditional wood pool deck with a contemporary feel throughout thanks to its robust blend of whites and gray. 

Learn more about our 3CM Cadore Rovere plank porcelain pavers here. 

2CM Silver White Porcelain Pavers

2cm silver white porcelain pavers’s 2CM silver white porcelain pavers provide your home with a very clean, sleek marble finish. Nonslip, our Silver White porcelain pavers are ideal for your pool deck or any other exterior application. 

Learn more about our 2CM Silver White porcelain pavers here. 

2CM Shellstone Porcelain Pavers

2cm shellstone porcelain pavers

The 2CM Shellstone porcelain pavers offer your home a neutral yet warm tone that makes it great for pool decks, as it accentuates both your pool and your home. With slight accents of gold, beige, yellow, and khaki, that all come together to create a phenomenal pool deck that really feels like it was naturally sourced from across the globe. 

Learn more about our 2CM Shellstone porcelain pavers here.

Each of our pool deck porcelain pavers will elevate your pool deck to the next level, enhancing its overall appeal the moment they’re laid down. Don’t see a paving solution that fits your aesthetic? No problem! We offer a variety of other paving solutions that you can find here.