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Enlarge Your Patio Space With Porcelain Pavers

Having that big beautiful patio space in your backyard is a dream come true for practically every homeowner. Unfortunately, your space can look and feel so much smaller than it actually is just because of the tile you have installed! It’s time to replace your boring backyard tile with high-quality patio pavers. The color and style of your patio pavers can dramatically affect the overall appearance of your entire space. With the right pavers in place, you can completely enhance and beautify your patio area in a matter of days.

Patio Paver Style

When researching paver options for your patio, you’ll likely come across three main types to explore: concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, porcelain pavers. Concrete pavers, while the easiest to source and likely the cheapest solution, are a subpar option for your patio space. Concrete pavers are typically very bland, offering that standard flat appearance across the board. In addition, concrete patios are highly susceptible to the environment, suffering significant stress and damage from prolonged exposure to heat, rain, and frost. 

Natural stone pavers, while stunning, have become increasingly scarce due to shortages across the globe. As such, they’ve become far too expensive for traditional hardscaping projects like your patio space. 

Porcelain pavers make for the perfect patio hardscaping solution due to their customizable nature, cost, and durability. Forged under a kiln fire over 1000 degrees fahrenheit, porcelain pavers are capable of being shaped and molded to mirror any style of natural stone, making it possible to have that stunning stone texture in your patio while only costing a bit more than concrete pavers. Whether you’re looking for limestone, natural bluestone, or any other natural stone style, you’re able to have it installed in your home’s patio space with porcelain pavers. 

Patio Paver Color

While it may not seem like it, your tile color can actually affect the size of your patio! The color of your pavers create an optical illusion, as darker colors will seemingly shrink your space causing it to become a  more intimate space, whereas lighter color pavers will allow the space to breathe and open up, making it appear bigger than it is. When picking out your patio porcelain pavers, consider lighter colors and styles if you plan on using your space to host guests, as it will make your entire patio appear far more expansive than it actually is. 

Perfect For Large and Small Spaces

Unfortunately, many homes are hindered by the amount of space they have available to them. As such, they tend to build themselves a rather small space outside, and rarely spend time outside. This doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, you’re able to enjoy the feeling of a large space with porcelain pavers. They work flawlessly for patio spaces of any size, allowing your space to feel bigger than it actually may be. 

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