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Are Porcelain Pavers Slippery?

With Spring upon us, it’s the perfect time to remove our winter jackets and don our swimsuits. Enjoying your patio and pool deck in the Spring is what everyone dreams of. Of course, that cool breeze and cloudless blue sky can quickly be replaced by a shower that pours on from a few moments to hours on end. 

When traversing your wet pool deck or patio, you want to ensure everyone can safely walk without slipping or falling, so it’s critical to have a material that ensures grip, even during the slipperiest conditions. One of the questions the team receives constantly is “are porcelain pavers slippery?” Porcelain pavers are constructed with a natural resistance to slipping even when wet, making them ideal for areas such as your pool deck, patio, walkway, or driveway—that way you’ll never have to stress over you, your family, or your guests slipping as they walk by.

It All Starts With Their Construction

Porcelain pavers start as a mixture of clay and various materials that are then placed under a high-heat kiln fire, which plays a key role in not only their high durability, but also in their non-slip capabilities. Traditional paving materials such as concrete will absorb water, eventually leading to cracking and necessary repairs after a few years. 

Porcelain pavers, on the other hand, are remarkably dense, forcing water to stay on the surface. The water then stays on the surface before quickly evaporating, leaving you with porcelain pavers that are dry and safe to walk on!

The Texture Is The Key

One thing to keep in mind with your porcelain pavers is that the texture plays an essential role in how slip resistant they can be. A very smooth surface is sure to be more slippery than one with significant texturing. porcelain pavers bridge the gap by offering porcelain pavers that accurately mirror the textures found on both natural stone and wood panels. From every groove to every bump, our porcelain pavers provide exceptional grip, even when they appear to be completely smooth. 

Discover The Difference

With porcelain pavers, you gain a wealth of benefits you wouldn’t receive with any other paving material. Not only are our porcelain pavers highly durable and slip resistant, but they’re also:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Fade Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance

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