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Are Porcelain Pavers Strong?

Everyone knows how beautiful exterior porcelain pavers are, with the ability to match a variety of natural stone and wood style looks coupled with gorgeous patterns that bring out the highlights of your space. With that said, we find that people tend to be most concerned with how durable porcelain pavers truly are. The answer?


From the moment they are forged to 20 years after being installed, exterior porcelain pavers are remarkably strong, with a durability that far exceeds traditional paver materials such as concrete. Their strength is boiled down to their initial construction, and the myriad of benefits that naturally come with any exterior porcelain paver system. 

How Exterior Porcelain Pavers Are Made exterior porcelain pavers are made using a mixture of clays with water. They then are made to have the color, texture, and shape before then being forged under the high heat of a kiln fire. This provides porcelain pavers with their signature durability. Remarkably dense, porcelain pavers are nonpourous, meaning that water and other liquids cannot penetrate the exterior. This prevents cracks from forming and potential damage over time. This is a common issue with other exterior paving materials such as concrete pavers, which are very porous, leading to significant cracking and damage. 

Zero Color Loss

During the manufacturing process of exterior porcelain pavers, the color and texture of each paver is fused with the stone through a process called vitrification. This ensures that the color of the stone will never fade due to direct UV exposure, rain, or other environmental factors. Concrete pavers and other standard materials will begin to show discoloration after a few years, especially directly under the Florida sun. 

What Can Affect Porcelain’s Natural Strength?

There’s no doubt that porcelain paver is an incredibly strong material, making it ideal for exterior applications such as your driveway, pool deck, patio, and more. With that said, there are ways to interfere with its true potential. One way to detract from porcelain paver’s durability and strength is simply through human error. When installed improperly—whether it be from a lack of knowledge or a rushed job—your porcelain pavers suffer. This can lead to chipping, cracking, and costly repairs/replacements. 

That’s why the team here at stress avoiding DIY’ing your porcelain paver installation. It requires extensive technical knowledge to ensure a flawless installation. Thankfully, you won’t have to rely on yourself or a random installer to get the job done. We have a list of certified porcelain paver installers who will do a fantastic job. Enjoy your porcelain pavers for years to come, without fear of them ever cracking or breaking.

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