3cm Porcelain Pavers

3CM Dark Silver Grey Porcelain Pavers


Hardscape.com Dark Silver Grey Porcelain Paver is a beautiful marble look outdoor porcelain paver non-slip with no maintenance required, great for driveways, pool decks, and patio applications. With fluid marbling of blacks, whites, and greys, our Dark Silver Grey porcelain paver stands out as a truly stunning option. No two pavers have the same pattern, leading to unique design capabilities throughout your home's exterior hardscaping project. Whether looking for porcelain pavers for your driveway, backyard patio, or other exterior areas, you'll enjoy a remarkable porcelain paver style that's guaranteed to turn heads. 

Exude Elegance

No matter the pattern, no matter where you lay the 3CM Dark Silver Grey porcelain paver, you'll fall in love with its stunning appearance. Veins and waves of greys and whites work their way against the black, becoming its very own work of art. Here at Hardscape.com, we pride ourselves on offering porcelain pavers that not only enhance your home's general aesthetic but offer a multitude of ancillary benefits designed to make your life that much simpler. Some of these include:

-Slip Resistance

-Stain Resistance

-Moisture & Frost Resistance

-Moss Resistance

-Sealing Not Required

-Low Maintenance

Don't Just Imagine It, See It For Yourself!

It's easy to daydream over the idea of brand new 3CM Dark Silver Grey porcelain pavers—we get it! That said, there's no better experience than seeing it for yourself. Thankfully, you can! Simply schedule an appointment at our Boca Raton, Jupiter, or Fort Myers showrooms and see our Dark Silver Grey porcelain paver—and other paver options—up close and personal!

COD: PR3104
Category: Porcelain


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Product 3cm
size (inch) 16x32
thickness (inch) 1  1/8
sqft/plt 192
sqft/box 7.11
sqft/pc 3.56
boxes/plt 27
pc/plt 54
pc/box 2
pallet (inch) 34x50
lb/plt 2558
lb/box 93
lb/pc 47
Colors Grey, Black, White
Shape & Size 16" x 32"
Thickness 1-1/8"
Shipping Fast Nationwide Delivery
Water Absorption <= 0,5%
Frost Resistance Yes
Slip Resistance Yes
Breaking Strength 29672 N


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