3cm Porcelain Pavers

3CM Bluestone Dark Porcelain Paver

Hardscape.com 3CM Bluestone Dark porcelain pavers are a beautiful bluestone look outdoor porcelain paver non-slip with no maintenance required, great for driveways, pool decks, and patio applications. Our Bluestone dark porcelain paver offers the stunning appearance of natural bluestone directly sourced from the Hochberg quarries in Germany while introducing the functionality and performance of porcelain. Able to effortlessly match the texture and style of traditional bluestone, porcelain pavers make it that much more accessible for your home exterior project. With its distinct yet subtle blues and hints of brown veins throughout each paver, our 3CM Bluestone Dark porcelain pavers are sure to stand out.

Neither Style Nor Performace Is Compromised

Hardscape.com 3CM porcelain pavers were designed to not only look good the moment they're installed, but for decades to come. Our porcelain pavers are fade-resistant, so years of direct sunlight won't cause your pavers to discolor and wash the color out over time. In addition, our porcelain pavers are stain-resistant and moisture-resistant. This keeps your porcelain pavers always stain-free, and crack-free as well. Porcelain is a nonporous material, so water and other liquids cant penetrate and form cracks.

High Quality, Low Maintenance

As mentioned our 3CM Bluestone Dark porcelain pavers are remarkably high-quality, however unlike natural stone and other paver materials, patio, pool deck, walkway, and driveway porcelain pavers have the added benefit of requiring little to no maintenance. Cleaning is simple & straightforward, requiring only a light detergent and spray down to clean. Due to its robust resistance, our porcelain pavers won't require regular repairs or scheduled replacements over the years. You can rest assured knowing you'll be enjoying your bluestone porcelain pavers for decades to come.

Variety of Exterior Applications

Our 3CM Bluestone Dark porcelain pavers are ideal for a multitude of exterior applications. Remarkably versatile, Bluestone Dark will work wherever you want it to. Some of the most common exterior applications for our porcelain pavers include:

-Driveway Porcelain Pavers

-Pool Deck Porcelain Pavers

-Patio Porcelain Pavers

-Walkway Porcelain Pavers

COD: PR4112
Category: Porcelain


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Product 3cm
size (inch) 16x32
thickness (inch) 1  1/8
sqft/plt 192
sqft/box 7.11
sqft/pc 3.56
boxes/plt 27
pc/plt 54
pc/box 2
pallet (inch) 34x50
lb/plt 2558
lb/box 93
lb/pc 47
Colors Blue, Grey, Brown, Beige
Shape & Size 16" x 32"
Thickness 1-1/8"
Shipping Fast Nationwide Delivery
Water Absorption <= 0,5%
Frost Resistance Yes
Slip Resistance Yes
Breaking Strength 29672 N


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